19 July 2007

Pictures of Europe

We finally went through all our pictures, organized them, and put moderately entertaining comments on them. We hope you enjoy. We also kept a travel journal, that we would be glad to share with any one interested.

It was an amazing trip - a once in a life time opportunity and we had a blast.

We took a bunch of pictures on this trip - even if it starts to trail off towards the end.


10 July 2007


I am a big fan of re-use. It makes so much more sense than recycling. Composting lets you re-use food waste. You should see Lauren and my tupperwear - it is mainly old sour cream containers. Why buy new stuff when you can re-use stuff for another purpose - we save money on Tupperwear, and less stuff ends up in the landfill or even being processed at the recycling plant.

Well here is a company after my own heart. Terracyle - takes compost, feeds it to worms, and turns it into top notch fertilizer. Then they package it in used soda bottles. Why do they use old soda bottles? They are the cheapest container they could find! So it is good for all involved - higher profits, and less garbage/recylcing to process. Eco-capitalism is their rallying cry and it makes sense. They are even paying $.05 to schools/charitable organizations for anyone who collects empty soda bottles and sends them to them in postage paid boxes.


Just thought I would share that. We are going to post the photos soon - sorry it has taken us so long to get them all sorted and posted.

03 July 2007

Back from Spain and Italy

We thought we would post while we were on our little European vacation, but it turns out there are better things to do in spain and italy than sit in smelly internet cafe's. we took a ton of pictures, and are figuring out how to share them with all of you.

It was amazing, and we are so glad to be home.