16 December 2005

Finals are finito

I have completed my first semester at seminary. What a joy.

5 more to go. Learned a lot, but it isn't all about the learnin'. One thing I hadn't anticipated is the roller coaster ride of faith that would go on while I was delving into all this theology.

Did you know that the Nicene Creed specifies bodily resurection. Not quite Zombies, but kinda close. What about the fact that the soul is not immortal? Interesting stuff that are part of Christian tradions for many thousands of years.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying any of this is wrong - I am just processing it. When you hear what Jean Calvin said, and what Augustine said, and what Barth said, you really want to get your head around it. These are all men that were probably much smarter than me ( I can't believe I just said that) you say very different things (even though Calvin really wants to be able to say the same thing as Augustine, he really doesn't)

We all have our beliefs that make God real, that make His kingdom present for us. Many of those would lump us in with heretics who were excommunicated fifteen hundred years ago. I mean, just look at the Trinity, and modalism and patripassianism. Most God fearing Christians don't know the difference and probably fall into the camp of the later heresies.

Not that it really matters? Or does it? People were killed over this stuff before, and now we are pretty sloppy with our theology. Hmph. Well I got 2.5 years to figure the rest of this out.