13 April 2007

Wonderful Relaxing Beautiful Days

We are back from our 7 days in Mexcio. The time in Yelapa was wonderful. Very wonderful. It was a different world. We weren't in a complete tourist trap, and got to experience life in a remote fishing village of Mexico, and we still got to sit on the beach and have people bring us beer.

Here are a few pictures:

This is the water taxi that took us the 45 minutes from Peuto Vallarta to Yelapa. It has a few more cracks than it had patches - but it got us there.

This was the view from out bed on the first morning. We fell asleep to the waves - it was a little loud the first night, but we got over it pretty quickly.

I was the cook - wasn't such a bad view from the kitchen.

This was quite the panoramic view over the sink. Lauren didn't mind dishes so much.

Around noon every day the day trippers would roll in from Peuto Vallarta. The big boats would pull in and the little boats would go out and get people and bring them back to shore. They would all leave by 5.

Add in a nap for good measure.

Cap it all off with a beautiful sunset, repeat 6 times, and it all adds up to a lot of rest and relaxation.

It was perfect as I go into the final stretch of my Masters program, and Lauren struggles to put up with me.

03 April 2007

It is finished...

Is it sacriligeous for me to use that phrase to talk about my thesis?

I have turned it in, last night - and I have my structured conversation on April 17th.

Then they will let me know that its good to go, and I will only have to finish the course work that I am involved in.

Next up, Mexico. Can't wait.

Yelapa here we come.