08 May 2006

Being "Christian"

So, I am thinking again.

I read this article about a politician. It was talking about people committed to the Democrat/Republican Party (you must choose the one you align yourself with for this to work) that are trying to make sure that they gain control of the Senate/House. It made me think - at what point do we stop being committed to Democracy and the best interests of the country, and more committed to Being a "Democrat" or "Republican"?
I mean the "Republican" Party used to be the more "Liberal" party, but over time and change - etc. they are on the oposite end of the spectrum for the most part. So what it means to be "Republican" is not some set in stone thing.

This leads me to think - can Christians become too caught up in being "Christian" and all the things we think are attached to that, and lose sight of following God? So we(humans) set up this agenda of what it means to be "Christian" and we commit ourselves to that, instead of to doing God's will in our day and time?

I think so. I think it happens all the time.


What is Sin, and how does the Atonement/Reconciliation of Christ work?

Went over a bunch of models for this today in my Theology class - see what I mean that my school work can be devotional?

The story/question idea that came up was forgiveness. The professor told a story of a murderer who killed the daughter of a woman, who confessed his wrong, and appologized in court to the mother. The mother forgave the murderer, shook his hand and embraced the man who killed her daughter.
This activity only happened because of the willingness of the man to admit to his wrong, otherwise the forgiveness that she offered wouldn’t have made any sence.
So if we killed God’s son, we can only accept God’s forgiveness through our own admission of Guilt. Leads you to the story of our sinful nature as the bridge to Christ.
What do you all think?

Some News Articles about Forgiveness: