29 January 2008

Human Trafficking


Here is a CNN UK report on the modern day slave trade.

There is an active group in my church that is working on making a difference globally and locally in the trade of human beings. They work with a group called "Not for Sale"

One of the main things that these groups are currently doing is working to raise awareness about the modern day slave trade. So I figure I can do a little bit by posting this video on my blog.

Most of the modern day slavery that we see in the UK and the US is related to the Sex industries - women forced into prostitution - not just by desparate circumstances, but by kidnapping and physical and mental abuse. This not something that happens only in third world nations, but it happens in the UK and even here in Minneapolis - we had a brothel busted in July of 2007, and our church has helped a liberated slave set up house in the twin cities.

If you want to know more you can read these websites:
Is an international organization that can help you get connected locally.
This is the group from Solomon's Porch who are working to help around town.

11 January 2008

Need a Smile?

I love this song - and recently I finally saw the video for Basement Jaxx's Romeo.

It made me smile - and maybe think that humanity has a bit of God's goodness it in. Fun and pointlessly beautiful.

08 January 2008

Calling all Mac Nerds

Are you a mac-nerd?
Do you regularly check any Apple Rumor Sites?
Do you know that the Mac World Conference is Jan 15th?

If so you might really enjoy this game for the upcomming Mac World Steve Jobs key note on January 15th:


This way you can play along at home. I love all the specific rules/definitions of the squares.