29 August 2007

Oprah or Osteen

Funny little quiz I found while looking at a few blogs.

28 August 2007

The Skittles Touch

My Friend Dustin works in Advertising, and told me about this commercial. So funny. So so funny.

24 August 2007

35 minutes for 7.5 miles

Same bike ride home, and I cut off another couple of minutes. Even when I have been biking less. It is still great to see the improvement. I have neglected my body for about 2 years now - and it is great to see that my body is bouncing back quicker than I thought it would.

It also feels great to save the money and the gas it would take to drive to and from work - now Lauren can drop me and my bike off at work, and I can ride home - so it doesn't matter if I get all sweaty.

I found this mapping device that uses Google Maps that allows you to create a chart of your course so WalkJogRun.net - here is my TFS to Longfellow path.

I miss the long quiet bike rides I used to take in Medina, Ohio - on the empty flat state routes covered with cornfields. They were a wonderful solace for me during junior high and the beginning of high school.

07 August 2007

Amazing pictures of the Bridge

This link was forwarded on to us, and these are some very upclose pictures of the bridge collapse on 35W.

You can see the scale and severity of the collapse.


02 August 2007

Bike Ride

7.7 Miles in 37 minutes.

Big improvement over last weeks ride. We are down to one car, and I have been talking about biking more for probably a few years now - so I am finally doing some biking. Last week I got very lost, but it was a little unnerving how long it took me to ride home. I used to ride in Philadelphia and Ohio all the time - so taking two or 3 breaks and walking part of the way - even if I did take a 3.5 mile detour (read "got lost") was a little disheartening.

It is encouraging to see an improvement so quickly.

We're Alive

Lauren and I are safe and sound. We weren't on this bridge at 6:05 yesterday, and so far we have yet to hear about any one we know who was. Our one good friend commutes on this bridge every day, and was on it about 15 minutes before the collapse.

There are two things I am thinking about after this event:
1. Traffic delays will be innevitable. As we get frustrated about our delays, remember that many people never made it home because of this incident. They are estimating 20 or 30 people are currently missing or unaccounted for, aside from the 6 who already died.
2. This is national news, headline of the New York Times. It seems to me that about 30 people die on an average day in Iraq - Iraqi Citizens, Iraqi soldiers, and U.S. soldiers.