31 October 2007

Stop Junk Mail - Some of it at least.

Here is a way to opt out of pre-approved credit offers:


The short of it is that if you have a good credit rating, the major reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, etc.) sell your information to credit card agencies. So instead of getting pre-approved mailings 5 and 6 times a week the way we used to, with in 2 weeks, we didn't get any more pre-approved offers. I also called all the companies who were mailng on a regular basis.

You can opt out of the mailings for 5 years over the phone, or for your lifetime using a form they will send you in the mail.

Basically all you need to do is to call this number and follow the prompts:


Most of my junk mail was of this variety. I found the phone number on one of the pre-approved offers that I received, once I took the time to read them and figure out how to opt out.

20 October 2007

WKDU Electronic Music Marathon

Well, 10 years ago in Philadelphia a couple of guys (one of them me) had an idea to start an electronic music marathon to raise money for local charities on our college station. This is the 10th year of the WKDU Electronic Music Marathon.

Each DJ plays for an hour and raises money like a walkathon.

If you like the electronic stuff - tune in - you can also donate on line to the PhiladelphiaFIGHT charity - the same non profit organization we sponsored on our first year. This goes till midnight on Sunday. You can see more info, a dj schedule at their myspace page.

14 October 2007

Solomon's Porch Web Cast Issues

So we are having audio issues with the Webcast - the pictures are great, but the sound isn't coming through the computer properly. I hope this gets worked out before too long.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

07 October 2007

Solomon's Porch Webcast

I am preaching this evening at Solomon's Porch, and this will be our innaugural webcast.

We will webcast both the 5pm and the 7pm (CST) gatherings - we may be working out some technical difficulties with the webcast - the audio feed and what not - but it should give you a picture into what we are up to. I will be walking through Acts 13 -14.

You will need the most recent version of Flash Player to view the stream. (Make sure that you get the free version.)

Here is the link:

UPDATE: We had audio issues, and those will be fixed for next week.

03 October 2007

Busy/Exciting Week

We just returned from the annual Solomon's Porch Lake Beauty Fall retreat. It was great. Here are some pictures that my friend Jon White took of the weekend:

I am also preaching at Solomon's Porch this Sunday and next. I am preaching on Acts 13 & 14 this Sunday and next Sunday will be either 15 and maybe 16. We are trying to get a live webcam up in the gathering space, and I just might be the first person live on the internet from Solomon's Porch.

We also have a visitor coming in from Missouri for a Celtic Chrisitanity conference - who has been involved in intentional communities - so we are looking forward to having conversations with him about his experiences in different types of missional life.