24 May 2007


Here it is .... several months of work... three pages of bibliography ... over a hundred footnotes... and a generous helping of Hebrew and Greek. For those who asked for it. Remember, this is copyrighted or something like that. This might make more sense if you read Job 31 first.


17 May 2007


I realized the other day, I am pretty sick of violence.

I was watching Smokin' Aces last weekend, I realized that I am no longer impressed by this "stylized violence." I fully realize that sex and violence are a part of life, and cannot be glazed over. But I am disturbed by the media trend that somehow if you have gorgeous cinematography and a thin plot line you are allowed to objectify women, and kill human beings in horrible ways that are inconsequential to the plot line.

I felt like this movie brought out the worst of every one involved in the production. The life and plight of prostitutes was trivialized. I lost respect for some artists in the movie - Alicia Keys in some of the bonus features said that she had respect for prostitutes after wearing thigh high boots. I know Alicia doesn't read my blog, but get real: Alicia, hookers can't afford your boots. I am also not clear why Common was in this movie, other than the "cool" factor that I talked about.

I know a few friends who struggle with pornography - and they have talked about how sometimes they will watch Ultimate Fighting instead. I think that violence and fighting fulfill a very base desire in men (and some women too), similar to pornography.


So I was having some issues with my little 12" PowerBook G4 running slow. It is a four year old computer - so it is getting up in years. But I did a little research, and found out that most of the system upkeep that macs do happens at night - and I always close up my computer before I go to bed, so none of the clean up jobs happen.

So this little program runs the built in Mac OS clean up jobs when ever you want to run them. It took about 10 minutes the first time I ran it, but it deleted 1 Gig of log files, and sped my computer up a ton. Just some info for any other mac heads suffering from excess unix log files.