09 June 2006

Revenge begats revenge.

So I was poking around after Zarqawi (sp)'s death, on CNN's website.

They had an interview with a man who's son was most likely killed by Zarqawi about his reaction to the death.

CNN Story

Aside from the finger pointing, non productive political stuff towards the end of the article, I was really intrigued by his response. We humans thirst for Justice. Eye for an Eye stuff. It seems fair. But I identified with this man, as I looked at the picture of the man dead, there was no satisfaction for me. I felt satisfaction in the capture of Hussein, but not in this death. 1000 lbs of bombs didn't seem to fix the situation, and infact seem to encourage the violent culture that is part of the terrorist mindset.

My friend John seemed to hint at the lack of satisfaction provided by the ending of this life in his Blog:God, Baseball, Life: Where, O Death is Your Sting?

The forgiveness is what has gotten me - but it is little odd, because his forgiveness doesn't seem to include forgiving our President for mistakes an casualties of the war.

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John said...


I saw your comment regarding my Zarqawi post and thought I'd comment on your thoughts.

My allusion to the "sting of death" was meant to be ironic. These Islamic terrorists don't seem to see any sting in death--rather they take delight in it--their deaths and ours.

Islamic terrorists are a unique enemy. They have no regard for death. The culture of death they exhibit is such that they have little regard for their own lives, and much less for the lives of their enemies.

I do take a certain measure of satisfaction in Zarqawi's death, however. Zarqawi was clearly an evil man, worthy of much more than half a ton of explosives. Zarqawi's death was a great justice. Yet he now faces God's justice.

Let us take hope that through the death of Abu Musab Al Zarqawi, Iraq will become a more peaceful nation.