20 July 2006

Can't stop reading...

So I found this website:


Filled with random facts that are horribly interresting - for some odd reason. Here are some of my favorites so far:
- In a survey of Ohio residents, 12 percent said their favorite entertainer was "Jesus Christ."
- In a recent Department of Homeland Security sweep, three of California's state representatives were discovered to be illegal immigrants. Due to their standing in the community, they have not been deported or imprisoned, pending judicial review.
- The Sierra Club uses approximately 47,000 tons of paper per year for their fundraising mailings, almost none of which is printed on recycled paper.
- An average person's key ring has one key that hasn't been used in the last 9 months 21 days.

My Personal favorite - because it proves what I say about germaphobes:
- In a 2004 study by OSHA, it was discovered that people who will "usually" eat food that they've accidentally dropped on the floor report having 18 percent fewer sick days from work than those who "never" do that.

I hope it doesn't suck you in, like it has me

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bobbydale said...

Found another one:
- Over forty-five years of space exploration, no fewer than six dogs, eleven cats, four thousand mice and an aquarium-full of crickets are believed to have been stranded in low Earth orbit.