03 August 2006

Wikipedia, Truth and Colbert

So there is this very very funny clip from the Colbert report about Wikipedia, and how he can go online and change the facts.

So this article talks about how Colbert actually went online and changed facts about himself, George Washington and then encouraged his viewers to change info about elephants. Check it out, it even has a link to the video clip.


The most interesting thing he said went something like this - "if you get enought people to agree with you, then the facts are far more convenient"

So it is funny how we could do that with anything, and it would probably be especially effective with things such as interpretations of the Bible. I mean we sit around and argue for one interpretation of the Bible, and then we site other people who agree with us, as if that makes our interpretation of the Bible more valid.

Look at the prophets - it is pretty clear that God's will and desire for the earth has very little to do with popular opinion - look at how it turned out for Jesus. So majority opinion is the way that we all argue for things - who ever has the most people agree - or the most possible or even logical opinion will be the "winner" of the discussion. Even though we know that God's thoughts are not like our thoughts. But now I am proof texting. Oh well.

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