18 November 2006

Ted Haggard again

Another New York Times article about the removal of Ted Haggard, and how his board decided to remove him. At the end of the article there are interesting comments on whether the oversight board was a success or not.

New York Times Article

I would lean towards his accountability board not quite effective - if they only get involved as everything is melting down, they there wasn't something in place for accountability in the actual day to day. If Haggard wouldn't have been pushing an anti-gay marriage ban, his accuser may never have come forward, and he may have kept living this lie for many years.

So much pain is caused by our sin - our desires to satisfy our own carnal desires. Then the shame piles on top of us, on top of our sin, and we bury it and bury it. How can our churches work to interrupt this process? How can we make honesty a healing process?

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Drive-Thru Society said...

I would have to agree with you Bobby that Haggard’s accountability was faulty, however that is how he had set it up. He set up his accountability not check up on him but to intervene in his falling process. His outspokenness on homosexuality should have been an indicator that something was going on. I have found when someone is so outspoken and belligerent about a subject that there is something else there. Just some thoughts for the day.