17 May 2007


I realized the other day, I am pretty sick of violence.

I was watching Smokin' Aces last weekend, I realized that I am no longer impressed by this "stylized violence." I fully realize that sex and violence are a part of life, and cannot be glazed over. But I am disturbed by the media trend that somehow if you have gorgeous cinematography and a thin plot line you are allowed to objectify women, and kill human beings in horrible ways that are inconsequential to the plot line.

I felt like this movie brought out the worst of every one involved in the production. The life and plight of prostitutes was trivialized. I lost respect for some artists in the movie - Alicia Keys in some of the bonus features said that she had respect for prostitutes after wearing thigh high boots. I know Alicia doesn't read my blog, but get real: Alicia, hookers can't afford your boots. I am also not clear why Common was in this movie, other than the "cool" factor that I talked about.

I know a few friends who struggle with pornography - and they have talked about how sometimes they will watch Ultimate Fighting instead. I think that violence and fighting fulfill a very base desire in men (and some women too), similar to pornography.

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