24 August 2007

35 minutes for 7.5 miles

Same bike ride home, and I cut off another couple of minutes. Even when I have been biking less. It is still great to see the improvement. I have neglected my body for about 2 years now - and it is great to see that my body is bouncing back quicker than I thought it would.

It also feels great to save the money and the gas it would take to drive to and from work - now Lauren can drop me and my bike off at work, and I can ride home - so it doesn't matter if I get all sweaty.

I found this mapping device that uses Google Maps that allows you to create a chart of your course so WalkJogRun.net - here is my TFS to Longfellow path.

I miss the long quiet bike rides I used to take in Medina, Ohio - on the empty flat state routes covered with cornfields. They were a wonderful solace for me during junior high and the beginning of high school.

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