17 March 2008

Time to Relax

I have had the opportunity in the past week to spend some time relaxing and connecting with God. While working as and admin and at my corporate job, I got a little overwhelmed.

Anyways, I took two retreats to two different contemplative centers in a week. That is a good way to do it.

On Wednesday I visited St. Paul's Monastery in North St. Paul. It is a community of Benedictine Sisters that has been there for a while. Most of the Sisters that are in the Monastery are retired - the other ones are out teaching. They worship and pray 3 or 4 times a day, and eat meals together. It is very quiet, and peaceful. I am not Catholic, but pretty familiar with the faith. The highlight of the stay was my time with Sister Virginia. She is a Spiritual Director. What a gift and a joy it was to be with her, and talk through my struggles and questions of God's desires for my life. It is only $60 a night with 3 meals included, and another $30 for an hour with a spiritual director.

During this time when I am only working 4 days a week, and Lauren and I are determining what is next for us, We are seriously considering me spending my Wednesdays at St. Paul's as part of the discernment process.

On Friday night I arrived at Pacem In Terris. I was there from Friday night till Sunday at about 2pm. This is a Hermitage. It is about being alone with God. The advise you to bring only a Bible and a journal. (and personal effects). You are in the woods, and in a beautiful cabin with no electricity and no running water. It was great. I wrote a letter to my Dad (he died in 2001), and also prayed through most of the Psalms on Saturday - using the Coptic Book of the Hours (Available Online). It was great. I also put together a schedule for reading the Psalms - that divides them into 28 nearly equal parts with out dividing the psalms or any of the 5 books of the psalms. I am very happy with it, and will post it soon. The time there was great - even if I thought it was a little over priced ($90) because of the primitiveness. Next time I might just camp instead and save the money. But if you don't want to have to pitch a tent, and sleep on dirt - Pacem In Terra offers you a great way to remove distractions from you life and be still. (Watch out - I might have a career as a Christian retreat reviewer.)

It was a great week. A great time to refresh, and I am so thankful for Lauren for making it possible.

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kpg said...

I LOVE st. paul's monastery! I get away once a season for my own personal retreat; we could put our heads together and have a serious retreat center critique. ;)