05 September 2007

Great Article on Senator Craig

WARNING: This article is a little graphic, but it is talking about elicit sex in public restrooms - so what else would we expect?

This article is in the Gay City News... I can't say I have read this news publication much before. But this article about Senator Craig is one of the most thorough and includes many many perspectives and insights into the situation including but not limited to:
Additional Witnesses to the Senators Behavior in both Washington and Boise.
Entrapment, and constitutionality of the sting operation.

I don't agree with the article in its entirety - it gets a little politial at the end, but it has a lot of details and perspectives that have not been covered in other articles - and not just "Pro-Gay" or "Anti-Conservative" perspectives.

Have you heard the audio of the interview done here in Minneapolis? This is a crazy story.

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