16 September 2007

News at my Corporate Job

Sorry for not posting - I get to find out just how many people read my blog by creating an unfinished cliff hanger!

I was part of a 6 person team. That team has been separated and integrated into a large 30 person team. I am part of the "Compliance Team" - so myself and Kris, my audit buddy, remained my teammates.

I still have a job, actually I have more hours - I am upto 32 hours. I will have some additional project management responsibilities and should be busy at my job - which was one of my biggest struggles. I also have been struggling for a while at my job with lack of direction - I feel that my new manager and the structure around it will help get things moving with decisive and motivated action plans.

This job is a gift of stability for Lauren and I, but it is difficult as Lauren and I figure out what is next for us - following God's call. Churches, neo-monastic communities, house churches, non-profit community service organizations are all in the running for our future call. Crazy adventures on the way.

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