04 December 2007

Two Jobs

I have officially been working two jobs for the past month. One is my corporate job - 32 hours there - and the other is the part time interim admin at Solomon's Porch.

It has been great to help get the books and other record keeping information up to date at the Porch and feels good to put together some systems for getting stuff done quickly so that this job can live a little less in the grey area. My head has been spinning a little bit, but I am better busy, than I am with free time - so it is generally a good thing for me.

Needless to say, my job search for another church has been a bit delayed. I talked recently to an existing church - and after a phone call and email was interested in the position. Upon reading their website - I found one of the "deal breakers" in their belief statement. It is something that many many wonderful churches have as part of their fait statement, but is just does not sit well with me. I am sensing less and less that there is a church out there who is looking for some one like me - or that I will find a church that matches anything I am looking for.

I believe the type of Christian community I would like to be a part of - wouldn't be looking out side of the community for their next pastor. If resume qualifications are what they are looking for - then they don't understand the work of God and purpose of the Church universal in they way that I do.

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